Balliet Fine Jewelry creates one of a kind, hand crafted jewelry designed to stand the test of time. Some of our jewelry is featured below. View more on our Jewelry Page.

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About Us

Balliet Fine Jewelry is Geoff Balliet, jeweler and designer, and his wife Karin Dalziel, Photographer and website designer. Geoff learned jewelry design and manufacturing at the Gemological Institute of America. Geoff and Karin live and work in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a variety of pets.

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Process & Materials

Geoff Balliet uses a variety of processes and materials to create his pieces. Traditional metals such as gold and silver are mixed with copper to create modern looking creations. Faceted gems are used alongside cabochons of unique stones. Processes include wax carving and casting, hammering, and riveting.

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Misc on the workbensh

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